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Host Families

Host families are an essential part for success in the Junction City Brigade Baseball Club.  Hosting a Brigade player can be a very rewarding experience.  When you become a host family, the player is a member of your family during the summer and the relationship often continues well after the season and beyond.

Host Family Responsibilities:

  • Provide living accommodations which include; a bed, restroom and in-home laundry facilities.
  • Access to meals/food in the home when the player is not traveling.
  • Participate (if possible) with your player and his family during family weekend.
  • Player must be able to come and go from the home according to their game schedule (i.e.  arrive home late from an away game).
  • Transportation is NOT a host family responsibility.

Benefits of Being a Host Family:

  • Get to know a potential major league baseball player.
  • Good family entertainment.
  • Great role model for host family children.
  • Get to know the players and their families from across the country.
  • Lifelong friendships.
  • Family Season Passes for Brigade home games.
  • Help to make it possible for the Junction City Community to have a colligate baseball team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a host family goes on vacation?

Once a family gets to know a player, they often choose to let the player continue to live at home during the vacation. If the family is not comfortable with this option, the JCCBC will place the player at another host family for the vacation period.  You can also request a JCCBC board member to check on the player during the vacation period.

What if a host family decides a player is not a good fit for the family?

Rarely has this been a problem since the players recruited to play for the Brigade are of the highest skill level and very well disciplined.  However, if for some reason the player and family are not a good fit, the JCCBC will move the player to another host family.  The JCCBC/Brigade has no tolerance for players with any behavioral issues and will send any problem player back home.

When do the players arrive and how long do they stay?

As a rule, players arrive around the last week in May and stay until the last week of July.  However, some players have commitments to their college team that brings them in later and sometimes leave earlier.

Do all players have their own transportation?

Not all players bring their own vehicle, but most do.  Those who do not are placed in host family situations where there is another player either living close by or in the same home.  Under no circumstance should a player use a host family private vehicle.

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